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The leaves are turning, the temperature’s falling, and change is in the air. Check out these fun fall pregnancy ideas, and make the most of the season.

Go back to school (sort of)! Kids aren’t the only ones who kick-start their learning each autumn — if you’re expecting, you should educate yourself too. Sign up for a childbirth or parenting course, or get a jump on breastfeeding by attending a seminar or meeting with a lactation consultant. They just might be the most useful classes you ever take.

Schedule an outdoor maternity photo shoot. Gorgeous fall foliage makes an amazing backdrop for maternity photos, so if your bump is showing, hire a pro — or grab a friend and a camera and get outside.

Indulge in the flavors of the season. Now is the time when farmers’ markets are bursting with pumpkins, root veggies, apple cider, and apple-cider donuts. (Yum!) Go ahead and satisfy your pregnancy cravings (a warm bowl of butternut-squash soup? Yes, please!) Just make sure that cider is pasteurized.

Dress up your bump for Halloween. Even if you think Halloween is only for kids, pregnancy is an undeniably fun time to get into the spirit and dress up in a bump-tastic costume. Need inspiration? Pinterest is full of fun ideas!

Get a flu shot. Okay, this one isn’t exactly “fun,” but you know what else isn’t fun? Getting the flu. And staying healthy means you’ll be in a better position to enjoy all of the other fun things about being pregnant in the fall (see apple-cider donuts, above). According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ updated guidelines, getting a flu shot is important for pregnant women, and it can offer protection to their babies. So talk to your healthcare provider about getting the vaccine.

Dress in cozy layers. If you’re super pregnant, cuddling up in a warm, bulky sweater is probably the last thing you want to do. (You’re brewing a baby, and you’re always hot!) So make that cozy sweater a cardi, and layer it over a cute T-shirt, comfy leggings, and flat boots.

Paint your bump like a pumpkin. Or a watermelon. Or a basketball. Why not? Whether it’s part of your Halloween costume (see above) or just for the fun of it, dip into some body paint, get creative, and show off the results. (Hello, Instagram!)

Rake leaves. Fresh air and exercise are good for you and good for the baby — so consider this annual autumn chore a do-good pregnancy deed. (Bonus: You’ll be building up those baby-carrying arm muscles!)