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What should I know about osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones in which they become weak and lead to an increased risk of fractures, or broken bones. And people with osteoporosis will most commonly break the hip, spine, and wrist bones. While osteoporosis is the most common bone-related disease, it is often called a “silent disease” because it can progress without any symptoms until a fracture or similar injury occurs.

How can I manage osteoporosis?

Increasing your calcium intake can help protect against osteoporosis later in life. In addition to milk and dairy products, calcium can also be found in most green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin D also plays an important role because it helps your body absorb calcium and can improve your bone health. You can find vitamin D in milk, eggs, liver, and fatty fish such as salmon.
Like muscles, your bones can also become stronger through exercise. Try weight-bearing or weight-resistant exercises such as walking, playing sports, or lifting weights.

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