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Enjoy Some Crisp, Fresh Lemonade This Summer!

Lemonade is a great refreshing summer drink, but a lot of the times, lemonade contains unnecessary sugars. Fruit's such as your lemons, strawberries, and raspberries all contain natural sugars that can help sweeten your drinks without the extra empty calories. Try out these awesome 10 lemonade recipes (kid-friendly or for the adults) without the sugar. As with everything, moderation is key. If you want an extra sweetness, try adding touches of agave, coconut sugar, or maple syrup to your lemonades! ...
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June is Brain Awareness Month

June is a month for all of us to take the time to get involved in the fight against Alzheimer's. Learn the signs, ways to help, care & advocate for someone suffering from this disease, and how to prevent it. Every 67 seconds someone new is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's is the most common type of dementia. It is a progressive, irreversible brain disorder that destroys memory and thinking skills. Currently, scientists are developing testing interventions to address the disease itself. There are ways to guard yourself against developing Alzheimer's. Research shows that a healthy lifestyle supports brain health. Here are the recommendations from the NIH & Alzheimer's Association. Eat a heart-healthy diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetable and whole grains, and limits sugar and saturated fats Spend time with family and friends Keep your mind active Control your blood pressure and cholesterol Manage chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes Maintain a healthy weight Get plenty of sleep “Fall-proof” your home and wear seatbelts to reduce the risk of head injuries Don’t smoke Limit alcohol consumption How to get involved: Changing your Facebook page to purple, ordering a coloring book for the children to increase Alzheimer’s awareness, or simply ...
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Best for You. Best for Baby. 5 Tips for Preventing Birth Defects.

Be sure to take 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid every day. Folic acid is very important because when taken before and during early pregnancy, it can help prevent some major birth defects of the baby’s brain and spine. Our bodies use this B vitamin to make new cells. Book a visit with your healthcare provider before stopping or starting any medicine. If you are trying to have a baby or are just thinking about it, now is a great time to start getting ready for pregnancy by talking with your doctor about medications you may be taking. Become up-to-date with all vaccines, including the flu shot. Vaccines help protect you and your baby. Some vaccinations, such as the flu (influenza) vaccine and the Tdap vaccine (adult tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis vaccine), are specifically recommended during each pregnancy. Before you get pregnant, try to reach a healthy weight. If you are underweight, overweight, or obese, talk with your healthcare provider about ways to reach and maintain a healthy weight before you get pregnant. Eating healthy foods and being physically active are great ways to prepare for pregnancy. Boost your health by avoiding harmful substances during pregnancy, such as alcohol, ...
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Share Your Favorite Dad Joke!

We all know dads have the best jokes!! That’s why for Father’s Day we want to hear them all! We’ll be taking a vote in our office on our favorite one and the winner will receive a FREE gift basket! Just visit us on Facebook or click the link and share in the comments! ...
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Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Bark

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this waist-friendly frozen yogurt blueberry bark. This simple 4 ingredient recipe is the perfect spring and summer treat that even the kids will enjoy! You can get creative and incorporate different add-ins. Try nuts, strawberries, dark chocolate. The possibilities are endless! Line a sheet tray or glass dish with parchment paper. Spread the yogurt onto the parchment into an 8x8 inch square ...
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Watch Our Webinar & Download Our Wellness Guide

FEATURED VIDEO 📹:: Online Feminine Wellness Video Host: Walnut Lake OB/GYN and Wellness Listen to our FREE patient education video from the comfort of your home, while on lunch break, or even while in the car! The Doctors at Walnut Lake Wellness will explain new advancements in women’s intimate health and how we can help relieve symptoms such as dryness and laxity and improve intimacy.FREE 33-Page Guide to a Healthy Menopause! Learn the 4 surprising symptoms of menopause, healthy hormone tips, natural solutions, and how to improve health! Plus a BONUS 3-Day Healthy Hormone Meal Plan! Click the button to download your Guide! ...
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Share Why Your Mom’s The Best!

We’re celebrating Moms here at Walnut Lake! Share with us why your Mom’s the BEST and you could win a Mother's Day gift basket! How to enter the contest: Visit our Facebook Page and comment on this post with the reason your mom is the best. We will be drawing the winner of the contest on May 14th! ...
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May is National Pre-eclampsia Awareness Month

Pre-eclampsia is a condition that occurs only during pregnancy. Some symptoms may include high blood pressure and protein in the urine, usually occurring after week 20 of pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia is often precluded by gestational hypertension. While high blood pressure during pregnancy does not necessarily indicate pre-eclampsia, it may be a sign of another problem. The condition affects at least 5-8% of pregnancies ...
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May is National Osteoporosis Month

What Should I Know About Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones in which they become weak and lead to an increased risk of fractures, or broken bones. And people with osteoporosis will most commonly break the hip, spine, and wrist bones. While osteoporosis is the most common bone-related disease, it is often called a “silent disease” because it can progress without any symptoms until a fracture or similar injury occurs. How Can I Manage Osteoporosis? Increasing your calcium intake can help protect against osteoporosis later in life. In addition to milk and dairy products, calcium can also be found in most green leafy vegetables. Vitamin D also plays an important role because it helps your body absorb calcium and can improve your bone health. You can find vitamin D in milk, eggs, liver, and fatty fish such as salmon. Like muscles, your bones can also become stronger through exercise. Try weight-bearing or weight-resistance exercises such as walking, playing sports, or lifting weights. Learn more about diagnosis and treatment for osteoporosis and how to prevent it HERE.You don't want to miss out on our May specials! In honor of Osteoporosis month, we will be running our specials on: 20% ...
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Recipe: Spring Vegetable Fettucine Alfredo

Spring vegetables brighten up classic pasta alfredo, while the lemon zest and chives cut the rich creaminess. RECIPE COURTESY OF FOOD NETWORK KITCHEN ...
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