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Watch Our Latest Feminine Wellness Video!

NEW! Online Feminine Wellness Video Host: Walnut Lake OBGYN & Wellness Listen to our FREE patient education video from the comfort of your home or while on lunch break! Walnut Lake OBGYN & Wellness is excited to share with you how we are now able to help relieve embarrassing and painful female symptoms including feminine dryness, pain with intimacy and mild to moderate urinary incontinence, without surgery, downtime or hormones! Patient education is at the core of our practice and we want to ensure all of our patients are aware of this revolutionary technology that is now available at our office! We are also providing a special offer for watching the video! ...
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Healthy Holiday Zucchini Bread

Try this healthier take on zucchini bread for your next holiday brunch ...
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Stress Less This Holiday

We all know that the winter holiday season can be stressful. There are added expenses related to gift-buying, entertaining, and travel; an added layer of expectation, (some might say dread), that the festivities will live up to the ideal we have in our heads; and the very good chance that we’ll come down with a case of the sniffles or worse just to complicate the whole picture. As we carry on through the joys and challenges of the season, we need to take stock of how stress is impacting our lives and strategize for better ways to manage stress this holiday season ...
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23 Healthy And Easy Breakfasts Your Kids Will Love

Kids need to eat, especially breakfast. Often deemed the most important meal of the day, breakfast fuels the body to keep them alert and focused throughout the day. But getting kids to eat something before school can be a challenge. That’s where easy breakfast ideas come in handy. Read the full article ...
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Ovarian Cancer Prevention Month

Ovarian Cancer is one of the most deadly women's cancers. Each year, approximately 21,980 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This cancer typically occurs in women in their fifties and sixties with the median age being 63. Many women who are diagnosed with Ovarian cancer have a genetic history that may include carrying the BRCA mutation gene and having a strong family history of ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, many women don't seek help until the disease has begun to spread, but if detected at its earliest stage, the five-year survival rate is more than 93%. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are often subtle and easily confused with other ailments. Symptoms may include: • Bloating • Pelvic or Abdominal pain • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly • Urinary urgency or frequency Other symptoms may include: • Nausea, indigestion, gas, constipation or diarrhea • Extreme fatigue • Shortness of breath • Backaches There is no adequate screening test of ovarian cancer at this time which is one of the reasons that this cancer is often discovered in later stages. Talk to our office if symptoms last more than 2-3 weeks ...
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Congratulations to our 2019 Top Docs

Congratulations AGAIN to Dr. Lon Katz and Dr. Michael Salesin for being awarded Hour Magazine's TOP DOCS for 2019! Hour Magazine's 2019 Top Docs list is based on a peer-review nominations of approximately 23,000 physicians in Metro-Detroit. Thousands of votes were cast honoring excellence in 94 specialties. This is such an honor and Walnut Lake OBGYN is very proud to have them as part of our team of healthcare providers! Dr. Katz & Dr. Salesin will be honored in an upcoming edition of Hour Magazine and at a special awards dinner ...
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Welcome Dr. Beth Bryant

Please help us welcome Dr. Beth Bryant to the Walnut Lake OBGYN team! Dr. Bryant received a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan and her medical degree from the University of Toledo College of Medicine. She completed herresidency at Wayne State University and also received advanced training in minimally invasive & robotic surgery. Dr. Bryant has a special interest in caring for women throughout their pregnancies as well as lactation education and support in the postpartum period. "I also enjoy providing contraception counseling and helping women find the best choice for them." "In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and son. I also enjoy spending time outside, reading, and cooking." ...
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September is Menopause Awareness Month

September is Menopause Awareness Month. Even if you’re not in menopause, you probably know someone who is dealing with it. You may have seen their ups and downs. When does Menopause begin? Menopause usually begins around the ages of 51-52. Typically, if a woman has not had a menstrual cycle over the course of a year, she is in menopause. What are some “typical” Menopause symptoms? The most common symptom experienced by 80 percent of women during menopause are hot flashes (daytime) or night sweats. Some women may also experience muscle and joint pain (arthralgia), mood swings, “brain fog,” loss of libido and weight gain (to name a few). Many women begin to develop insulin resistance and diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis; all caused by hormonal deficiencies. Intimacy can become painful due to vaginal dryness. How is it clinically proven that I am in Menopause? We treat the WHOLE patient as every patient is different and has different needs. Among other tests, we order a full thyroid and hormone panel INCLUDING testosterone, estradiol and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). What are proven solutions to relieving the symptoms of Menopause? After menopause, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is often prescribed to resupply the body with ...
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MonaLisa Touch provides relief for many women suffering in silence

Menopause affects all women. However, most women are reluctant to talk about the common symptoms like vaginal dryness, itching, and urinary incontinence that can severely affect their quality of life and intimate relationships. These seldom talked about symptoms can profoundly impact their daily lives and intimate relationships. In fact, studies show that only 25% of women seek help from their doctor, believing its simply part of the aging process. Dr. Rachel O’Keefe, certified menopause practitioner and board-certified OBGYN at Walnut Lake OBGYN has seen first-hand how common of an issue this is for women. “We hear about this all the time from women who are patients at our practice. Unfortunately, until now, there have been very few non-pharmacological or non-surgical options that could address these common problems including vaginal atrophy, laxity and urinary incontinence”. Luckily this is about to change thanks to a breakthrough in medical technology. An in-office procedure called MonaLisa Touch is the most successful device on the market for restoring vaginal health and treating mild urinary incontinence. Walnut Lake OBGYN was one of the first practices in metro-Detroit to offer the MonaLisa Touch treatment. “We heard about MonaLisa Touch in the medical community, and after researching it, ...
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