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Family Health & Fitness Day is coming up on June 11, 2022!

Whether you’re a parent trying to encourage your kids to eat better, a teacher who wants to start an exercise program in your classroom, or a coach looking to promote healthier habits among your athletes—this day is for you.

The goal of Family Health & Fitness Day is to provide you with the tools you need to help your family make healthier choices. We want people to see how fun and rewarding it can be when everyone pitches in and works together toward a common goal.

We know that for some families, making changes takes time and patience. Here are some ideas to incorporate some fun into your exercise routine.

-Take a walk outside with your kids. Take turns pushing each other around in the stroller. Make sure everyone gets a turn!

-See how many sit-ups you can do as a family—a great way to show off (or not) your abs!

-Play a game of tag—but make sure it’s an active version: tag each other while doing jumping jacks or running laps around the house.