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Moms are the true jacks-of-all-trades. They are the chefs who get meals on the table and lunches packed; the chauffeurs who get kids where they need to be; the doctors who bandage up scrapes; the listeners to problems big and small; the social directors of playdates and parties; and so much more.

With all that they do, moms rarely get a moment to take a break and enjoy a bit of time for themselves.

Here are some tips for helping other moms sneak a little “me time.”

All moms should take a guilt-free break during their busy day. Try arriving at school carpool early. Turn off the car engine, tune into a favorite radio station and reach into your bag for a favorite snack such as fruit, nuts, or even a few mini-dark chocolates.

Watching kids read can remind moms how relaxing it is to escape in the pages of a riveting novel. Get mom-friends together and form a book club, so there’s always an excuse to take a break. Tell kids you’re doing Mommy-homework because the book club is meeting soon.

Parents want to wind down as the sun sets, but sometimes kids, especially colicky babies, wind up. A nice walk is a great way to calm a child down. When the kids get older, keep walking at sunset. It’s a great way to take a break from the chaos of the house and soothe yourself.

Go Out with the Girls – Kid-free bonding time with a few close pals is good for the soul. Whether meeting up with your best friend for a coffee date, organizing a group happy hour, or getting together with a sewing buddy to work on a project, this adults-only social time will be a welcome respite from kid-focused activities.

Learn Something – Women don’t have to forsake their hobbies when they become moms. When you’ve forgotten what it’s like to do something for yourself, it’s time to pursue interests outside of motherhood. You can take a pottery class, rediscover your love of watercolor painting or finally teach yourself how to use that graphic design software program. Participating in a favorite hobby is an easy way to feel energized.

From taking a peaceful break to enjoying a favorite snack, the importance of a little break in a very hectic day is key for moms.