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September is Menopause Awareness Month. Even if you’re not in menopause, you probably know someone who is dealing with it. You may have seen their ups and downs.

When does Menopause begin?
Menopause usually begins around the ages of 51-52. Typically, if a woman has not had a menstrual cycle over the course of a year, she is in menopause.

What are some “typical” Menopause symptoms?
The most common symptom experienced by 80 percent of women during menopause are hot flashes (daytime) or night sweats. Some women may also experience muscle and joint pain (arthralgia), mood swings, “brain fog,” loss of libido and weight gain (to name a few).

Many women begin to develop insulin resistance and diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis; all caused by hormonal deficiencies. Intimacy can become painful due to vaginal dryness.

How is it clinically proven that I am in Menopause?
We treat the WHOLE patient as every patient is different and has different needs. Among other tests, we order a full thyroid and hormone panel INCLUDING testosterone, estradiol and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

What are proven solutions to relieving the symptoms of Menopause?
After menopause, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is often prescribed to resupply the body with the hormones it no longer produces. Discuss this with your doctor. As with any medication, there are risks and benefits, and each woman should decide if HRT is the right choice for her.

For many women that are suffering from the painful symptoms of menopause including dryness, atrophy and pain with intimacy, MonaLisa Touch can be an excellent alternative to hormones. The MonaLisa Touch is appropriate for any female who is experiencing symptoms after menopause, hysterectomy or breast cancer treatments. This therapy is particularly well suited for patients who cannot use estrogen therapy, prefer to avoid estrogen therapy, or who have persistent symptoms despite estrogen therapy.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, call 248-926-2020 to schedule a consultation to see if MonaLisa Touch is right for you.