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You don’t need to accept post-menopausal gynecologic changes as an inevitable part of your life. 

If you are one of the many women suffering from vaginal atrophy you are not alone. MonaLisa Touch laser therapy is safe, effective, and even approved for breast cancer survivors.

MonaLisa Touch laser therapy is a simple procedure that takes less than 5 minutes. It restores gynecologic health by generating new collagen, elastin, and vascularization in the vaginal tissue.

  • No Pills.
  • No Creams.
  • No Surgery!

The MonaLisa Touch laser is used for the treatment of vaginal conditions due to estrogen deficiencies in menopause. It promotes vaginal mucosal revitalization and a return of the vaginal wall to a premenopausal state. The MonaLisa Touch laser is a nonsurgical approach that requires three, less than 5-minute procedures, six weeks apart.

NOW, when you book your treatment through the end of May, you will receive the Mother’s Day Special Pricing of $1600! 

Call us today to book your consultation and schedule the Mother’s Day gift you REALLY want! OR learn more about MonaLisa Touch by clicking the button below!

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