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2020 may have brought on its challenges, but it has also taught us a lot too. It’s taught us to slow down, to enjoy the small moments, and to not take for granted all of the special people in our lives. It’s also taught us to focus on our health.

Take on these trends and turn them into a lifestyle, and make 2021 your best year!


Practice the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise. Describe 5 things you see, 4 things you can touch, 3 that you hear, 2 you smell, and 1 that you taste. Try this with your morning coffee!

Extend Me Time

If you normally take 30 seconds to wash your face, take 60 seconds. Slowing down helps you to wind down.


Declutter your space and get rid of “stuff” you haven’t used. If you’re feeling sentimental, take a picture of the item before you donate.

Sleep Better

Make sure to control your body temperature, if that means turning down the heat or layering on the blankets, make sure you are at a comfortable temperature. Try adding aromatherapy and make sure there are no external distractions.


Create a list of things that bring you joy and revisit that list once a week. It will help give you a pick me up if you’re having a bad day.

Watch What You Eat

Try adding probiotics into your meals and fermented foods, and nix the added sugar!


Make sure to get moderate to mild exercise on a daily basis. There are so many online classes available right now. Find one that you enjoy and if you get bored with it, switch to a new one. Just make sure that you are incorporating movement and activity into your daily routine.